Official Top 10 List of America’s Best Candies

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Americans love candy. And when it comes to American candy, there are a lot of varieties available. From chocolate to fruit flavored, from chewy to melt in your mouth consistencies, there is a candy suited to everyone’s taste. Cutting the list of America’s best candies down to 10 is a tough business. There are many great candies that we enjoy that didn’t make the list, simply because the competition is so stiff. See if your favorites made the list.

10) Skittles – Sold under the slogan “Taste the Rainbow”, Skittles are a fruit flavored bite size candy with a hard sugar shell. They were introduced in 1974 by a British manufacturer. They became available in the U.S. as an import candy a few years later. Skittles began being manufactured in the U.S. for widespread distribution in 1982. They are currently manufactured and distributed by the Wrigley Company, a division of…

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