The Official Top Ten List of Tom Cruise’s Greatest Films

The Life and Times of Rikki Lee Travolta

Narrowing down Tom Cruise’s top films to a list of ten is not easy. Whatever you might think of Cruise’s unconventional religion or antics in the media, the fact is he is an incredibly skilled actor. He shines in both comedy and dramatic roles – something not all actors can handle. Cruise has been nominated for Academy Awards three times, twice as Best Actor and once for Best Supporting Actor.

Here are the Top 10 best Tom Cruise movies of all time:

10) Risky Business was Tom Cruise’s first breakout starring role. He’d been in films before, but this was the first one he was carrying the picture. It is a 1983 teen sex comedy that hit a chord with the viewing public and racked in $63 million at the box office, against a $6.2 budget. This is the film that told Hollywood and the world that Tom Cruise had…

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