Top Ten Most Beautiful Women in History

The Life and Times of Rikki Lee Travolta

Every woman is beautiful in her own way, just as each person has their own considerations as to what they find beautiful in woman. I like to think that I am open to beauty in all forms. To that end, here is my tabulation of the world’s Top Ten most beautiful women in history.

Katarina Witt 2 2

10) Katarina Witt – Hailing from Germany, figure skater Katarina Witt won two Olympic gold medals for East Germany. She is a four-time World Champion and two-time World Silver Medalist. Her physical beauty was accentuated on the ice through her fluid movement. She posed naked in Playboy magazine at age 32 after retiring from competitive skating.  It was the second ever sold out issue of the magazine (the first being the premier issue featuring Marilyn Monroe).

Chase Masterson2

9) Chase Masterson – Like many beauties, Chase Masterson got her start on a soap opera, appearing as…

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