The Official Top Ten List of Paul Newman’s Greatest Films

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While there are many actors I admire and try to emulate, Paul Newman is my number one favorite actor. The philanthropy of the late star also carries a lot of weight in my favorable view of him.

Over the course of his career, Newman appeared in over 60 feature films – many of them classics. What better way to celebrate this acting legend than with a ranking of his Top Ten films?

10) Absence of Malice is a 1981 drama directed by Sydney Pollack that co-starred Sally Field, Wilfred Brimley, and Bob Balaban. In the film, Newman plays the son of a deceased criminal. Field plays a less than respectable journalist who publishes stories of inuendo, confidential information, and outright lies that could destroy Newman’s character and livelihood. Newman was nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award for his performance.

9) Slap Shot, released in 1977, is one of…

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